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Industrial Plant & Equipment


Operating and maintaining industrial plant and equipment at optimum efficiency is a key performance objective for all organisations, engineers and operators in that it helps to improve output, minimise wastes, reduce costs, and minimise down-time.

Learn more about improving the performance of industrial plant and equipment with Accepta's collection of articles and good practice guides... industrial plant and equipment >>

Pathogen Control


The control of naturally occurring pathogens in the environment, particularly in water, food and the built environment is becoming increasingly challenging for organisations and indivuduals around the world.

Learn about common naturally occurring pathogens, their impact on us and our environment, and control measure that can be taken to reduce their impact... pathogen control >>

Pollution Control & Waste Minimisation


Measures that help to control pollution and minimise wastes are becoming increasingly important issues for many organisations, businesses and individuals as they strive to improve their own environmental profile, reduce waste generation, meet increasingly stringent environmental discharge conditions (to air, water and land), and reduce operating costs.

Learn about improving pollution control processes through waste minimisation improvements, optimisation of costs, and techniques to help minimise industrial waste, wastewater and effluent... pollution control >>

Reverse Osmosis & Membrane Technologies


Membrane technologies, including the process of reverse osmosis are becoming increasingly important in many parts of the world where they are used extensively in a variety of applications including the desalination and purification of drinking water.

Such membrane separation technologies are particularly effective for the recovery and re-use of both water and raw materials from process streams and can be an important component of any waste and effluent minimisation initiative.

Learn about reverse osmosis and other alternative membrane separation technologies that can be employed in desalination and drinking water purification processes, and to help minimise industrial waste, wastewater and effluent streams... reverse osmosis and membrane technology >>

Wastewater & Effluent Treatment


Wastewater and effluent treatment processes are becoming increasingly important issues for many organisations around the world as they strive to reduce waste, meet increasingly stringent wastewater and effluent discharge consent conditions, and reduce total operating costs.

Opportunities for significant improvement often focus on the optimisation of waste management processes including improving the performance of wastewater and effluent treatment plant.

Learn more about wastewater and effluent treatment process improvements, optimisation of costs, and techniques to help minimise industrial waste, wastewater and effluent... wastewater and effluent treatment >>

Water Treatment


Many commercial, manufacturing and industrial processes involve the use of water as a primary medium. These include the use of boilers and steam raising plant, cooling towers, cooling systems and other closed circuit systems.

The water used in such systems, if left untreated can cause a number of problems leading to increased risks to safety and health, reduced efficiency, and increased costs. These include the unwanted growth of harmful bacteria and biofilm, the accumulation of scale (hardness salts), metallic corrosion, bio-fouling and the build-up of suspended solids. The correct treatment of such system water is therefore vital if these issues are to be effectively managed.

Learn more about effective water treatment practices for industrial and process applications including the treatment of boilers, cooling towers, cooling systems and closed circuits... water treatment >>

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