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Accepta recognise that keeping up to date in any rapidly evolving business environment is an on-going challenge.

Our internationally respected Knowledge Base resource centre brings together an extensive collection of environmental best practice guides, case studies, technical papers and specialist articles focused on improving operational efficiency and environmental performance; water and wastewater treatment techniques, water hygiene and the control of waterborne pathogens, and many other key issues.

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Industrial Plant & Equipment

Operating and maintaining industrial plant and equipment at optimum efficiency is a key performance objective for all organisations, engineers and operators in that it helps to improve output, minimise wastes, reduce costs, and minimise down-time. Learn more about improving the performance of industrial plant and equipment with Accepta’s collection of…

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Pathogen Control

The control of naturally occurring pathogens in the environment, particularly in water, food and the built environment is becoming increasingly challenging for organisations and indivuduals around the world. Learn about common naturally occurring pathogens, their impact on us and our environment, and control measure that can be taken to reduce…

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Online Training Courses

Accepta’s online training courses are specifically designed for site operators and designated responsible people and include ROSPA, CPD accredited courses Legionella Awareness & Management, COSHH, Manaual Handling & Asbestos Awareness. Courses are divided into modules and conclude with multiple choice questions and the receipt of a certificate of completion.

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Pollution Control & Waste Minimisation

Measures that help to control pollution and minimise wastes are becoming increasingly important issues for many organisations, businesses and individuals as they strive to improve their own environmental profile, reduce waste generation, meet increasingly stringent environmental discharge conditions (to air, water and land), and reduce operating costs. Learn about common…

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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology

Membrane technologies, including the process of reverse osmosis, are becoming increasingly important in many parts of the world where they are used extensively in a variety of applications including the desalination and purification of drinking water.

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Wastewater & Effluent Treatment

Wastewater and effluent treatment processes are becoming increasingly important issues for many organisations around the world as they strive to reduce waste, meet increasingly stringent wastewater and effluent discharge consent conditions, and reduce total operating costs.

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Water Treatment

Many commercial, manufacturing and industrial processes involve the use of water as a primary medium. These include the use of boilers and steam raising plant, cooling towers, cooling systems and other closed circuit systems.

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