Foaming Cooling Tower CIP Pack Cleaning System

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Accepta’s new range of high performance cooling tower cleaning chemicals have been developed to offer a practical alternative to pack removal in the tower cleaning procedure outlined in paragraph 138 of the UK Health and Safety Executives Approved Code of Practice L8, where it is not practical to remove the tower packing.

Although removal of the tower pack for cleaning is regarded as best practice by the HSE, alternative methods of cleaning the tower may be considered where there are practical difficulties in doing so. The efficacy of these alternative procedures must be verified.

  “developed as an alternative to pack removal in the tower cleaning procedure …”

Product Range Description

Foaming Cleaners

Central to Accepta’s new product range is Accepta 2520. Accepta 2520 is a high performance foaming cleaner based on phosphoric acid that incorporates a foaming agent tolerant to acid and chlorine dioxide. An additional foaming cleaner, Accepta 2522 is a low acid version for use where corrosion may be an issue.

Chlorine Dioxide

Accepta 2521 is a specially developed stabilised chlorine dioxide solution. It is packed in 250 ml containers and is sufficient to generate 50 ppm of chlorine dioxide when mixed with either 10 litres of Accepta 2520 or Accepta 2522, and subsequently used at 10:1 dilution rate in a foaming power washer.

Compatible Antifoam

Accepta 2315 is compatible with Activ-Ox Foam Cleaner and has been developed to counter the foaming properties of the cleaning products without leaving residues.

Compatible Neutraliser

Accepta Dechlor has been selected to help neutralise both excess acidity and chlorine dioxide, allowing safe disposal of the spent cleaning solution form the tower.

Guidance for using supplementary chemicals

When using Activ-Ox foam cleaning products drain the tower sump and fill with 2 inches of clean water and add the following cocktail of chemicals to neutralise the foam as ti drips into the sump.

-Approx 500ml/m3 of Accepta 2315 Defoamer

-Approx 500ml/m3 of Accepta Dechlor

Product Summary

Activ-Ox Foam Cleaner Cooling Tower High Cling Foam Cleaner Part A & B Chlorine Dioxide Pre-cursors
Accepta 2315 Antifoam Compatible antifoam, supplied in 10 litre containers.
Accepta Dechlor Neutraliser Neutraliser for both excess acidity and chlorine dioxide,
supplied in 10 or 25kg containers.

Additional information

For additional information, application procedures and Safety Data information relating to our range of foaming tower pack cleaners please contact Accepta’s technical support specialists on +44 (0) 161 877 2334 or fill out the contact form.

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