Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide – Preparing for Winter Shutdown

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Keeping your swimming pool in good order is essential, especially during extended shutdown periods and over the winter months. This short swimming pool maintenance guide identifies some of the key points to consider at this important time.

Pool Maintenance Pre-requisites

Water can be more aggressive when temperatures fall, so adjust pH levels to the extended range of 7.2 – 7.8.

Clean your filter.

Shock dose your pool to 5 – 10 ppm, using Accepta 9031, our quick dissolving shock treatment.

Adding Winter Pool Chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals are designed to provide longer lasting algae control in all products and protection from staining (metals, leaf mould etc.) in more advanced formulas like Accepta’s WinterShock and WinterClean.

If you are not currently using chlorine/bromine sanitisers check your chosen winteriser for compatibility with other sanitisers with Accepta’s technical support team.

Other Important Pool Closedown Tips

If you do not have a frost stat fitted, you should drain the water from your pump, filter and heater to avoid frost damage.

Consult Accepta’s technical support team if you are in any doubt.

Fit a well-designed, heavy duty winter debris cover to keep your pool free from leaves and windblown debris over the winter months.

Uncovered pools and pools exposed to excessive winter rain will benefit from an additional mild-winter shock sanitiser dose and winterise top-up.

Additional information

For additional information and expert advice regarding our range of water treatment chemicals please contact Accepta’s technical support specialists on +44 (0) 161 877 2334 or fill out the contact form.

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