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Bromgard products not only control scale formation, corrosion and fouling but also incorporate a precursor which will produce the powerful cooling water biocide, bromine, when dosed in conjunction with Activator 120 or similar halogen release agent. This simplifies treatment and gives great results! Bromgard is compliant with current Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR).

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CodeDescriptionNormal system water calcium hardness rangeTarget cooling water Ryznar Index (RSI)
Accepta 2303Bromgard phosphate based corrosion and scale inhibitor for low hardness. Very good at high temperatures. 20 – 2007 – 9[icon name=”fa-cart-arrow-down” class=”icon-2x”]
Accepta 2304Bromgard zinc based multi-functional corrosion and scale inhibitor and bromine precursor. For soft to medium hardness waters.0 – 3006 – 9[icon name=”fa-cart-arrow-down” class=”icon-2x”]
Accepta 2305Bromgard blend of organic inhibitors for use where heavy metals or phosphates are restricted. For medium to high hardness waters.200 – 6004 – 6.5[icon name=”fa-cart-arrow-down” class=”icon-2x”]
Activator 120Activating halogen donor for use with Bromgard inhibitors to produce bromine biocide in-situ.Bromine based inhibitor Activator[icon name=”fa-cart-arrow-down” class=”icon-2x”]

When using Bromgard products a bromine pre-cursor is continuously maintained in the system water. The biocidal power of bromine is released by the controlled addition of an oxidising activating solution that activates the precursor to form the correct concentration of bromine. The activating solution also contains a bio-dispersant that ensures effective penetration of bromines into existing biofilms, Control of the addition of the activating solution is preferably by a redox probe and controller linked to an injection pump, see Coolplex Control Unit.

Bromgard products and a redox control system provides the most cost-effective solution to the use of bromine in a cooling water system.

Bromgard products and activators should preferably only be used in conjunction with a Coolplex controller & manifold as this is the only way to ensure that the Bromgard program provides the correct control of system corrosion, scale & microbiological fouling.

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