Bromgard Cooling Tower Treatment

Bromgard Water Treatment Range Bromgard products not only control scale formation, corrosion and fouling but also incorporate a precursor which will produce the powerful cooling water biocide, bromine, when dosed in conjunction with Activator 120 or similar halogen release agent. This simplifies treatment and gives great results! Bromgard is compliant with current Biocidal Products Regulations…

Closed System Cleaning & Commissioning

Accepta Corrosperse 84 is a closed system cleaning & commissioning chemical suitable for both older systems and new closed loop systems undergoing pre-commission cleaning. Often closed heating systems will become fouled by corrosion products and other debris which can reduce efficiency and encourage bacteriological growth. To remedy this the use of a cleaning chemical with dispersant and penetrant properties is needed as this will allow an effective system flush to remove detritus and restore system operation.