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Accepta’s innovative biological product Accepta 7112 has been developed specifically to aid the biodegradation of fats, oil and grease (FOG) in dissolved air flotation (DAF) units, sewer lines, municipal sewage treatment plants and industrial grease traps.

It comprises a highly concentrated powdered formulation, containing a synergistic blend of selectively adapted bacteria, surfactant, and enzymes specifically formulated for the biodegradation of fats, oil and grease (FOG) in sewer lines and municipal sewage treatment plants.

Benefits of Accepta 7112

  • Significantly reduces line and pump station maintenance costs.
  • Liquefies and degrades unwanted fats, oil and grease (FOG) that upset degreasers.
  • Enhances the oxygen transfer in the aeration basin.
  • Enhances organic removal efficiency.
  • Lowers effluent BOD and COD.
  • Reduces foaming over the aeration basin surface.
  • Eliminates bad odours due to grease deposits.

Product Applications

  • Accepta 7112 is routinely used by plant operators in lift stations, degreasers, primary clarifiers and aeration basins.
  • When introduced into a system it dissolves rapidly to release its highly active biological materials, which act to emulsify, liquefy and digest fats, oil and grease.
  • Accepta 7112 is formulated to:
  • Degrade long chain fatty acids that are known to be persistent and cause 80% of deposits.
  • Associate with the hydrophobic phase.
  • Grow at low pH.
  • Degrade odour causing short-chain volatile fatty acids.

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