Pathogen Control

The control of naturally occurring pathogens in the environment, particularly in water, food and the built environment is becoming increasingly challenging for organisations and indivuduals around the world.

Learn about common naturally occurring pathogens, their impact on us and our environment, and control measure that can be taken to reduce their impact.

Industrial Plant & Equipment

Operating and maintaining industrial plant and equipment at optimum efficiency is a key performance objective for all organisations, engineers and operators in that it helps to improve output, minimise wastes, reduce costs, and minimise down-time.

Learn more about improving the performance of industrial plant and equipment with Accepta’s collection of articles and good practice guides.

Cooling Water Chemicals

Cooling systems such as towers and condensers come under strict health and safety guidance due to their association with Legionella outbreaks. With this in mind cooling systems require highly effective biocidal treatment to control this risk. As well as this, businesses need to consider the protection of this critical asset through the use of scale & corrosion inhibitors.