Cooling System Dispersants

The accumulation of microbiological slimes, biofilm and general bio-fouling in cooling water systems reduces system efficiency, increases operating and maintenance costs, and raises risks to safety and health.

Cooling System Dispersants

To ensure that such cooling systems are safe, well maintained and operate at optimum efficiency it is essential that the correct water conditions are maintained at all times.

This can be achieved using carefully selected dispersants for cooling water systems.

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Accepta’s high performance dispersants are ideal for use in a range of cooling systems including cooling towers, re-circulating and once through cooling water systems. They are scientifically formulated to efficiently remove and disperse unwanted microbiological fouling, slimes and biofilm from cooling water systems.
Our cooling water dispersants help to system efficiency, optimise operating costs, reduce maintenance and system shut-down periods, and aid safety management.

Cooling Water Dispersant Products



Non-ionic surface active agent, particularly effective when used with chlorine or bromine biocide treatment.

Oil & Organic Dispersant

Dispersant for when cooling system is subject to process derived oil fouling. Also used to aid pre-commission cleaning of open and closed systems

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Accepta’s range of cooling tower dispersants are highly effective at removing fouling by microbiological slime and are best incorporated into a treatment regime with a biocide such as chlorine or bromine for cleaning cooling towers to ACoP L8 standard.

Accepta recommends incorporating the Bromgard cooling system treatment range which brings together the latest scale, corrosion and fouling control technology with the biocidal power of bromine for applications in the widest possible range of cooling water systems. Details can be found on the inhibitor page here.

Foam Cleaning

For cooling towers where pack removal is too difficult Activ-Ox Foam Cleaner may be suitable, the high cling foam gives a deep clean disinfecting and descaling lightly fouled tower packing.

The high-cling foam cleaner includes acid products for descaling and alkaline products for removing organic fouling and general soiling. We have also incorporated Activ-Ox®, our patented chlorine dioxide system to provide powerful surface disinfection and biofilm removal, incorporated together these

 products offer exceptional cleaning power which is why Activ-Ox foam clean is used by extensively by cooling tower cleaning teams across the UK and abroad.

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