Chlorine Dioxide Water Disinfection

Chlorine Dioxide is a highly potent biocide known to be effective over a wide pH and especially effective against Legionella in domestic and industrial water systems.

The “Ideal” Biocide

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a highly potent, fast acting bactericide and viricide that is effective at concentrations as low as 0.1 ppm.

Chlorine dioxide does not form halogenated by-products, like toxic THM’s, and is effective over a wide pH range in both hard and soft water. It will eliminate both planktonic and sessile bacteria, disinfect surfaces and rapidly destroy problematic biofilm. 

These properties make it ideal for use in a wide range of water sterilisation, disinfection, environmental hygiene, industrial and process water treatment activities. It is particularly popular in the food and beverage sector, because it doesn’t cause taste or taint, and for the treatment of water in buildings to prevent Legionnaires’ Disease.

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Accepta’s range of advanced technology chlorine dioxide products delivers fast-acting, superior microbiological control in a safe, convenient form.

Activ-Ox Videos

We have created two new Videos to demonstrate how Chlorine Dioxide works compared to other oxising biocides and then why Activ-Ox is the ideal means of generating Chlorine Dioxide.

Chlorine Dioxide Products

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Chemical Form
For Dosing System Type


Activ-Ox Dosing System

Activator for use with AX10/AT-8710 and AX20/AT-8720


Activ-Ox Dosing System

Instant high yield chlorine dioxide precursor for use with Accepta 8708 in the Activ-Ox dosing system


Activ-Ox Dosing System

Double strength chlorine dioxide precursor for use with Accepta 8708 in the Activ-Ox dosing system


Conventional ClO2 Generator

7.5 - 8% Sodium Chlorite precursor for use with AT-1210 in a conventional generator


Conventional ClO2 Generator

9 - 10% Hydrochloric Acid precursor for use with SC75 / AT-1108 in a conventional generator


Cold Water Storage Tanks & Spas

2 part chemistry combining a Chlorine Dioxide pre-cursor and mild acid for generating 1000mg/l ClO2 (nominal)

25g Tablets

General Disinfection

Produces 2000ppm in 1 litre solution

Instant Reaction with Activ-Ox

Activ-Ox chlorine dioxide gives an instant reaction when the pre-cursor and activator meet in the specially designed reactor Tee.

This unique instant reaction is what allows the Activ-Ox dosing system to be much simpler, safe and more cost effective than other means of generating ClO2.

The chemistry used by Activ-Ox as produces a much higher yield as it gives a much higher conversion meaning you really do get what you pay for.

During the 2020 Covid19 pandemic the Accepta technical team conducted a study on the effectiveness of Activ-Ox Chlorine Dioxide on Legionella control in dormant domestic systems vs systems where flushing was the only method of control. You can view or download the Activ-Ox Study PDF Here 

Accepta are also suppliers of chlorine dioxide dosing systems and generators suitable in a wide range of small and large treatment applications. Please speak to us today and ask about our dosing systems and advanced ClO2 chemistry.
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