Antifoulant, Dispersant & Penetrant for Open & Recirculating Cooling Water Systems – 6028 Bottle

Packaged in cases containing 4 x 4.1kg bottles.

Each case weighs 16.4kg.


Accepta 6028 is a high performance; concentrated solid form multi-functional antifoulant, dispersant and penetrant scientifically formulated for the treatment and protection of open and re-circulating cooling water systems.

Accepta 6028 comprises a performance blend of a carbamate-enhanced cleaners, penetrants and dispersants.

It is available in fully recyclable plastic bottles each containing 4.1kg of concentrated solid chemical.

Accepta 6028 is packaged in cases containing 4 x 4.1kg bottles.

Each case weighs 16.4kg.

System Compatability

Accepta 6028 is suitable for use in conjunction with the following metallurgies:

  • Mild steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • PVC

Do NOT use Accepta 6028 with the following system materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Copper alloys

Product Benefits

  • Innovative solid chemical technology
  • High performance multi-functional anti-foulant, dispersant and penetrant
  • Ideal for open and re-circulating cooling water systems
  • Contains enhanced cleaners, penetrants and dispersants
  • Suitable for mild/galvanised/stainless steel and PVC
  • Significant safety improvements
  • Easy to handle, simple to dose
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Significant space savings

Product Properties

Appearance: Brown paste
Odour: Carbamate odour
Boiling point:  N/A
pH: 7 – 8
Solubility in water:  Complete

*Full details of the product properties are available in the Safety Data Sheet. See below.

Application & Dosage Information

Accepta 6028 should be fed at a rate of 50 ppm. Increase this dosage rate for fouled systems or during initial start-up/charging of the system.

Accepta 6028 can be fed manually to the cooling tower sump or added using a metering pump that is controlled with a 28 day timer once the product has been liquefied. It is recommended that Accepta 6028 is feed in to the system during periods of lower activity, i.e. during the night or at a time of lowest cooling tower system load.

Always feed a biocide to kill bacteria and algae in the system.

When using Accepta 6028 to clean heavily fouled systems, care should be taken not to prevent clogging of screens and strainers.

Mild steel, stainless steel, and polypropylene are all acceptable materials for feeding equipment and pump starts.

Important – Aluminum, copper and copper alloys should NOT be used in feeding equipment.

Testing & Control

ATP or colony count test kits / dipslides suitable for monitoring and controlling the use of Accepta 6028 are available from Accepta.


Feed Accepta 6028 using an Accepta board system.

It is always advisable to carry out a ‘Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health’ (COSHH) assessment before use.

For further technical assistance concerning Accepta 6028 please contact Accepta.

Safety, Storage & Handling

For full details concerning safety precautions, storage and handling procedures for this product please refer to the latest Safety Data Sheet. To request the latest MSDS for this product please fill out the form below.

Additional information

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