Multi-Purpose Water based Heavy Duty Maintenance Cleaner – 3526

This product has now been discontinued.

Please see Accepta 3528 as a replacement.


Accepta 3526 is a high-performance, fast-acting water based heavy-duty industrial maintenance cleaner scientifically formulated for use in a wide range of manufacturing and industrial cleaning applications.

This highly versatile product can be used with complete safety on all metal, glass, plastic, leather and ceramic surfaces.

Accepta 3526 uses are numerous, from the aerospace industry where Accepta 3526 will remove oil and fuel from metal parts to the marine industry where it will remove mildew and mildew fungi from the boat hulls.

In addition to cleaning concrete floors, walls and precision equipment, this extremely effective product can be used to remove sludge from the coolant system on lathes, milling machines and grinders and it will decrease metals before magnafluxing.

Unlike many comparative products, Accepta 3526 does not need rinsing with water, as a single wipe with the prepared solution will leave a bright surface free from streaks and suds.

Accepta 3526 offers an efficient water-based alternative to many of the traditional solvent cleaners which legislation is presently discouraging.  An eco-friendly product, which will not contribute to VOC emissions.

Product Benefits

  • High performance, multi-purpose heavy duty maintenance cleaner
  • Environmentally friendly water-based formulation
  • For use in a wide range of industries
  • Can be used on many surfaces – metal, glass, plastic, leather and ceramics
  • Removes sludge
  • Degreases metals before magnafluxing
  • Needs no rinsing
  • Will not streak
  • Water based
  • Will not contribute to VOC emissions

Product Properties

Form: Liquid
Colour: Blue
Odour: Solvent
Solubility in water: Miscible With Water
pH: 9.5
Specific gravity: 1.01

*Full details of the product properties are available in the Safety Data Sheet. See below.

Application & Dosage Information

Removal of Heavy Grime

Mix one part of Accepta 3526 with ten parts of water. Apply freely with a spray, mop, sponge, brush or cloth. If desired, rinse with clean water.

Cleaning of Paint Work, Leather or Vinyl Upholstery

Mix one part with 5 to 10 parts of water. Accepta 3526 may be used with a mop or, better still, sprayed on as a dilute solution and wiped off with a clean cloth.

It is always advisable to carry out a ‘Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health’ (COSHH) assessment before use.

For further technical assistance concerning Accepta 3526 please contact Accepta.

Safety, Storage & Handling

For full details concerning safety precautions, storage and handling procedures for this product please refer to the latest Safety Data Sheet. To request the latest MSDS for this product please fill out the form below.

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