Accepta 8105 – Eco-Friendly Broad Spectrum Biocide (5% Hydrogen Peroxide & Silver)

This product is no longer available and has been replaced by Accepta HuwaSan


Accepta 8105 is an eco-friendly, multi-component oxidising biocide scientifically formulated using a stable combination of 5% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silver (Ag) ions to create a highly effective sanitising solution.

Accepta 8105 is intrinsically safe and specifically formulated for applications where handling and application risks need to be minimised. It is particularly appropriate where shipping and handling issues preclude the use of other forms of oxidising biocide.

This synergistic combination between the hydrogen peroxide and silver is so effective that it creates a biocide twenty times more powerful than that of hydrogen peroxide alone.

Accepta 8105 represents a new generation of clean, safe, environmentally friendly biocides for the effective control of micro-pathogens including Legionella, E.Coli, Influenza A and B, Pseudomonas, Campylobacter, Salmonella, MRSA, VRE and other bacterial, viral and fungal infections, on hard surfaces and in water systems.

Accepta 8105, being a highly effective super sanitiser, its applications are numerous making it ideal for use in hospitals, veterinary surgeries, food production facilities, farms, hotels, industrial and office buildings, schools, swimming pools and spa’s.

Accepta 8105 also offers a unique and complete bio-security solution for poultry, fruit and vegetable, beverage and meat and fish production.

Accepta 8105 is a high performance, broad spectrum biocide based on an innovative formulation of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silver (Ag).

Accepta 8105 is effective against all kinds of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, moulds and spore formers. It is also very effective against Legionella pneumophila, the causative organism for Legionnaires’ disease.

Accepta 8105 is considered to be environmentally friendly as it is practically 100% degradable under use conditions, simply breaking down to leave water and oxygen.

2 H2O2 = 2 H2O + O2

Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidising agent, setting free the molecule oxygen (nascent oxygen) which then oxidises the enzymatic system of micro-organisms.

Silver interferes with the metabolic basic functions of the bacteria (enzymes) or acts on their diaphragm structure (oligodynamy).

Both elements act in the same direction and enhance their benefits (potential synergism) as a powerful disinfectant.

The hydrogen peroxide content of Accepta 8105 is 5%. A 50% version of this product is also available as Accepta 8101.

Product Benefits

  • Ideal for applications where handling and application risks need to be minimised
  • No gaps – Broad spectrum high performance biocide effective against all kinds of bacteria, viruses, yeast, mould and spore formers
  • Is very effective against Legionella pneumophila
  • Environmentally friendly – practically 100% degradable breaking down to water and oxygen … (2 H2O2 = 2 H2O + O2)
  • Does not create odour or alter the taste of foodstuffs treated
  • Effectiveness and long-term effects are guaranteed even at very high water temperatures
  • Has no toxic effect in its diluted state
  • No carcinogenic or mutagenic effect
  • Does not react with ammonium-ions – no attrition
  • By adding oxygen, anaerobic conditions in the cooling water are largely avoided, thus preventing the growth of sulphate-reducing bacteria (formation of corrosive hydrogen sulphide – 4 H2 + SO42- S2- + 4 H2O)
  • Long-term effectiveness: reliably prevents recontamination
  • Toxicology: harmless, neither carcinogenic nor mutagenic
  • Storability: very long, max. loss of concentration 3% per year
  • Corrosion: very low corrosive effect
  • Measurement and regulation – complete installation programme available
  • Expenditure for equipment resp. investment costs: negligible
  • Operating costs: low
  • Metabolons: non

Areas of Application

Food & Beverage Sector

Drinks industry
Breweries, producers and bottlers of mineral water, soft drinks, fruit juices, must/cider, wine industry, etc.

Dairy industry
Milk, cheese, butter, dairy products like yoghurt, etc.

Food processing industry
Canning factories, prepared food producers, butchers, abattoirs, mills, fish processing, chocolate factories, edible oil/margarine/shortening factories, pasta and farinaceous producers, bakeries, food packing, etc.


Animal husbandry
Breeding establishments, such as poultry/rabbits/guinea pigs, disinfection of stalls and stables, animal processing, fish farms, ponds with shrimps, mussels and oysters, terrariums, aquariums, zoos.

Fruit and vegetables
Hors sol production, plantations. Pre- and post harvesting disinfection.

Tobacco Manufacturers

Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Plant

Disinfection of humidifiers, elimination of algae, cooling towers, air-conditioning equipment.

Hospitals, Public & Commercial Buildings

Hospitals, nursing and old people’s homes
Disinfection of surfaces, instruments, laundry, etc.

Important note – this product must NOT be used for the treatment of water feeding renal dialysis (or similar) units.

Sanitary disinfection
Hotels, restaurants, canteens, households, storage and warehouses, schools, universities, gymnasiums, showers, lockers, toilets, etc.

Medical & Cosmetics

Medical, dental and veterinary surgeries
Disinfection of surfaces and medical equipment, implements and instruments, humidifiers, sanitation.

Chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratories.
Disinfection of surfaces and equipment in production sites for medicines, perfumes, essences, dyes, photo equipment, etc.

Consumer Goods

Travel (drinking water, sanitation), camping, hobbies, tanks for drinking water and waste water equipment (caravans, ships, etc.) and vessels. Disinfection of beaches.

Disinfection of baths, showers, WC’s, mirrors, glass, carpets, etc.

Swimming Pools

Private swimming pools, public swimming pools, hotel and spa baths, whirlpools, sauna baths, fitness centres, solariums, etc.

Water Supplies

Drinking water
Treatment of drinking water, disinfection of cisterns, tanks, pipes, drinking fountains, etc.; long-term conservation of emergency water supplies (e.g. military, civil defence).

Waste water
Sewage treatment plants (public and industrial).

Product Properties

State: Aqueous solution
Appearance: Clear liquid
Odour: In doses this product is odourless and tasteless. In concentrated form gives off a scarcely perceptible smell
Boiling point:
Freezing point:
Foaming: This product does not foam
Bio- degradability: This product is non-polluting.  Its main constituent, hydrogen peroxide, does not pollute sewage water as only water and oxygen (2 H2O2 = 2 H2O + O2) – in other words non-polluting by-products – result when it breaks down.
Combustibility: This product is non-inflammable

*Full details of the product properties are available in the Safety Data Sheet. See below.

Application & Dosage Information

Dosage rates for Accepta 8105 are application specific. Please contact the Accepta technical team for additional information.

Safety, Storage & Handling

For full details concerning safety precautions, storage and handling procedures for this product please refer to the latest Safety Data Sheet. To request the latest MSDS for this product please fill out the form below.

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