Water Analysis Made Simple

Accepta’s water analysis laboratories are now open for online ordering. This includes water analysis for Microbiological or Chemistry parameters. This high-quality service can help you identify treatment levels in your critical water processes, keep an eye on the metals content of ground drinking water or just offer bespoke analysis for your application.

Microbiological analysis has never been easier, our UKAS accredited micro lab now takes orders online, with sampling kits supplied by post including a pre-paid return packet. Get analysis done for Legionella, E.Coli, or Pseudomonas just to name a few. Testing water quality and safety is now easy and affordable.

Food Testing

These laboratory based services can also be used for the microbiological analysis of samples to assist in the identification of food poisoning bacteria including Listeria, E.coli O157, Coliforms (presumptive), Salmonella, Clostridium perfringens, Campylobacter, TVC’s, Enterobacteriaceae, Bacillus cereus, aerobic Mesophilic spores, yeasts and moulds.

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