Micro Laboratory Water Analysis

Sample kits are available for online order, simply return and wait for results.

Micro Lab Water Testing

Our partnered Microbiological water analysis laboratory is UKAS accredited and operates to strict quality control standards.

This provides our customers with the accurate identification of a number of waterborne bacteria and is a centre for excellence in Legionella analysis but are also capable of performing an extensive range of water testing and UKAS analyses for other waterborne pathogens including those for E.coli, Coliforms, Pseudomonas & TVC’s, Additional non accredited analysis for Enterococci is also available.

These test procedures form an essential component of any Legionella risk management and control programme and help to ensure safe water conditions are established, monitored and maintained, minimising those risks associated with Legionnaires’ disease.

Our sample kits make water analysis simple and are posted out to you upon order to be filled and returned in our included pre-paid shipping packets.

Analysis is performed and results reported the moment they are available.


Many commercial and industrial sites have a requirement for microbial analysis on their drinking or process water to measure for microbiological contamination or control of bacteria. Our easy to use sample kits are delivered direct to your site ready to fill and return to our partner lab Freepost. For chemistry and metals analysis use the buttons above.

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