Swimming Pool / Spa Microbial Water Analysis

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Swimming Pools and Spas can cause outbreaks of infection such as eye and ear infection and gastroenteritis. Spas have also been shown to cause serious, potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease. For these reasons swimming pool testing is required for public pools and recommended by Feedwater for private pools.

Parameters included for Swimming Pool and Spa testing analysis are set out in the product description below.

Spa pools require the additional Legionella water test every quarter as well as risk assessments and comprehensive control program. Speak to us about risk assessments and pool treatments.




Spa & Hot Tub £99 per sample for orders of 10 or more

Swimming Pool £67 per sample for orders of 10 or more

Microbial Water Testing Analysis for Swimming Pools & Spas

From a microbiological perspective, there are two main sources of contamination in pools and spas.

  • Bather derived microbes washed from the skin or present in body fluids discharged into the water.
  • Environmental organisms growing in the pool, especially on surfaces as biofilm.

The appropriate guidance document for analysis on pools is published by The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG).

It is likely the microbial challenge in colder swimming pools will be much lower than for a spa pool. Swimming pools and plunge pools normally have a lower microbial population than spa pools. However, both types of pool require microbiological monitoring to ensure they remain fit for continued use.

How often should you perform Swimming Pool testing?

Pools open to the public should be sampled monthly with Legionella on spa pools quarterly

Private pools are sampled at the discretion of the owners but we strongly recommend the same sampling frequency.

 The swimming pool testing analysis includes:

  • E. coli
  • Total coliforms
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • *TVC/Aerobic colony count at 37C

Tests should be carried out monthly

Legionella can be omitted due to the low temperature.

Spa Pools & Warm Water

For obvious reasons, the likelihood of microbial issues in a Spa is much higher as the pools are at higher temperatures and are frequented much more often by bathers. This, in essence, creates an incubator for microbes to grow. The analysis for warm water pools differs from cold pools in that it is recommended to test for Legionella also.

The Spa Pool laboratory testing analysis includes:

  • E. coli
  • Total coliforms
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • *TVC/Aerobic colony count at 37C
  • Legionella

Tests should be carried out monthly.

*TVC/Aerobic colony count is a basic measure of microbial loading in the water and very tight limits are set for this parameter.

We include a pre-paid Special Delivery mailbag with your packet, you must be able to get to a post office same day as sampling. If you know this isn’t possible speak to us about our courier collection option (this is at extra charge).

To ensure the sample meets UKAS accreditation we must stress the customer take these steps in its return:

  • Freeze gel packs over night and place in insulated box.
  • Sample in the morning and take the packet to the Post Office before last collection.

This product requires insulated packaging to prevent the bacterial levels from changing in the post, the insulated packaging is therefore mandatory.

It is preferable the sample be taken and posted the same day to arrive within 24 hours to ensure accurate analysis. Samples can be taken Monday to Thursday but not Friday as the lab is not open weekends.

Sample pack contains:

  • 1x 350ml sample bottle
  • 1x return jiffy bag and pre-paid return label
  • 1x Analysis sticker to be filled in
  • Extra sample bottle for legionella (if choosing spa analysis)

You will receive a sample pack in the post to take your water sample, you will then be able to return your sample with our prepaid postage label. Analysis takes from a couple of days for the Pseudomonas results and at least 10 days to confirm a negative Legionella result, a positive result will be reported as soon as observed.

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