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Accepta Ltd is a supplier and manufacturer of dosing equipment, water filtration & water conditioning equipment for maintaining control over your water treatment applications. Accepta plant equipment is manufactured in the UK from our on-site engineering workshop to ISO9001 standards we use high-quality materials with safety & longevity in mind. Many systems are bespoke made to customer requirements such as our cooling tower treatment plants or chlorine dioxide dosing systems.

Aquapure—Disposable Resin Demineraliser

The Aquapure units are supplied prefilled with Aquapure 400 resin and need simply to be connected to the water supply by means of suitable hose connectors to provide you with high quality deionized water (down to 0.2μs/cm)

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Brominators & Tablet Holders

Accepta’s range of precision engineered brominators and tablet feeders allow the carefully controlled application of bromine tablets or other similar chemical tablet products in to water systems. 

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Chemical Dosing Pots

Accepta’s range of high quality chemical dosing pots are manufactured to the highest quality standards and fabricated using seam welded tubes.

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Chemical Dosing Pumps

Accepta offers an extensive range of high-performance chemical dosing pumps and chemical metering equipment suitable for most industrial and commercial applications. 

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Chemical Tanks & Bunds

The safe and effective storage and dosing of liquid chemicals is important for a number of environmental, safety and economic reasons. 

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Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a highly potent, fast acting bactericide and virucide that is effective at concentrations as low as 0.1 ppm. The Accepta Chlorine Dioxide dosing system produces ClO2 instantly by means of a safe, highly efficient and simple reaction.

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Lakos Hydrocyclone Separators

Lakos Separators are versatile low flow rate filtration solutions, ideal for low solids handling applications. Our separators are designed to remove sand, silt, grit, and scale and are available in both carbon and stainless steel.

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Water Softeners – Base Exchange

Accepta’s range of industrial base exchange water softeners are suitable for small office and domestics up to huge industrial applications with more than 50,000l/hr. Our engineering department can build to your specification with bespoke manifolds where required.

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