Chemical Dosing Pumps, Meters & Control Equipment

Accepta’s extensive range of high performance chemical dosing pumps, meters and control equipment are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are now used extensively in a wide range of demanding manufacturing, industrial and process applications where reliability, accuracy, and long term performance are essential.

Accepta's full range of water treatment and chemical control equipment includes mechanical and electric dosing pumps, chlorine dioxide generators, grease traps, meters, tanks and bunds, real-time analysis equipment, mechanical and electronic meters, complete turn-key control systems and much more. For further details simply select a product title or download our full Dosing and Control Equipment Catalogue.

Biofilm Monitoring & Control


Biofilm Control Solutions

Accepta's innovative BioSentinel Biofilm Management System will monitor, predict and control biofilm in water systems... automatically, for complete control.

Accepta’s BioSentinel range of biofilm management systems use proven, world-class technology to continually monitor a water system for the early stage signs of biofilm accumulation and growth.

Accepta's state-of-the-art early warning system allows operators to take a unique, proactive approach to the control of biofilm in water systems to improve system safety, maintain compliance and reduce operating costs. ... biofilm monitoring >>

Boiler System Control


Industrial Boiler Controllers

Accepta’s range of high performance steam boiler and hot water controllers have been developed to offer accuracy, reliability and convenience in use across a range of steam boiler and engineering applications.

Accepta's boiler system control equipment is ideal for most industrial boiler and steam generating applications where the control of hot water and steam boiler systems is required.

Accepta's range of precision manufactured boiler control instruments includes boiler blowdown controllers, conductivity controlled dosing units, condensate based controllers and chemical dosing pots... boiler system control >>

Brominators & Tablet Holders


Brominators & Tablet Holders

Accepta’s range of precision engineered brominators and tablet feeders allow the carefully controlled application of bromine tablets or other similar chemical tablet products in to water systems.

Constructed from high quality materials Accepta's versatile range of tablet feeders includes both high pressure and low pressure brominators that offer a simple and convenient solution to a wide range of controlled tablet release applications... brominators and tablet holders >>

Chemical Dosing Tanks & Bunds


Chemical Tanks & Bunds

The safe and effective storage and dosing of liquid chemicals is important for a number of environmental, safety and economic reasons.

Good chemical storage and bunding solutions improve manufacturing processes, minimise health and safety issues, prevent unwanted chemical spills, safeguard wastewater discharge consents, and optimise product shelf-life.

Accepta’s chemical storage and bunding solutions are manufactured from high performance materials and includes MDPE bund tanks, blow moulded MDPE chemical dosing tanks, single or double skinned liquid storage tanks and flooded suction kits that are ideal for use with solutions that have a high viscosity or a low vapour pressure... chemical dosing tanks and bunds >>

Chemical Mixers


Chemical Mixers

Accepta’s collection of high performance chemical mixers are simple and easy to use and allow chemical liquids, solutions and reagents to be quickly and thoroughly mixed with ease.

Accepta's precision made chemical mixers are engineered from high quality materials and are designed to suit a range of industrial process and manufacturing applications where the efficient mixing of liquids is required.

Accepta offer three alternative types of chemical mixer; a simple hand operated mixer, an electric high speed mixer and a range of precision operated geared mixers... chemical mixers >>

Chlorine Dioxide Generators


Chlorine Dioxide Generators & Dosing Systems

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a highly potent, fast acting bactericide and virucide that is effective at concentrations as low as 0.1 ppm.

Chlorine dioxide does not form toxic by-products and is effective over a wide pH range in both hard and soft water. It will eliminate both planktonic and sessile bacteria, disinfect surfaces and rapidly destroy problematic biofilm.

Accepta offer two highly innovative chlorine dioxide generators that use state-of-the-art technology to safely create carefully controlled amounts of consistently high purity chlorine dioxide ready for use.

Both Accepta's ClO2 generation systems are ideal for water disinfection and sterilisation applications where safety, reliability, cost and efficiency are all essential... chlorine dioxide generators >>

Cooling Water System Control Equipment


Cooling System Controllers

Accepta’s high performance cooling water controllers and back plate systems have been developed specifically for the dosing and control of cooling water systems and evaporative cooling towers.

Accepta’s cooling water system control equipment is manufactured to the highest quality standards and offers a robust, cost effective and reliable solution to the automated management of cooling water systems and cooling towers.

Accepta's control equipment is simple to install and easy to operate and will allow the precise and accurate control of cooling water systems including cooling towers.

Accepta’s cooling water contol systems includes dual biocide dosing systems, Redox/ORP controllers, multi-function cooling water controllers and complete back plate systems... cooling water system control >>

Dissolved Oxygen Control Equipment


Disolved Oxygen Controllers

Dissolved oxygen or DO2 is the amount of dissolved gaseous oxygen present in solution. Dissolved oxygen is an important control parameter and is generally measured as a percentage of saturation or as concentration in parts per million (ppm).

The accurate measurement and control of dissolved oxygen is important in many different processes including fish farming and the control of blowers on biological effluent treatment plants.

Accepta’s range of high performance panel mounted dissolved oxygen controllers, sensors and simulators allow the accurate analysis and monitoring of DO2 across a range of commercial and industrial process water applications including wastewater and effluent treatment... dissolved oxygen control >>

Dosing Pumps


Chemical Dosing Pumps

Accepta offer an extensive range of high performance chemical dosing pumps and chemical metering equipment suitable for most industrial and commercial applications.

Accepta's full range of metering pumps includes electronic dosing pumps, mechanical diaphragm dosing pumps and peristaltic pumps.

All Accepta's pumps are engineered to the highest quality standards and offer excellent long term reliability, accuracy and control.

Accepta's chemical metering pumps are ideal for applications including water treatment chemical dosing, cooling tower biocide dosing, inhibitor dosing, pH control and adjustment, detergent dosing, swimming pool chemical treatment applications and many other commercial and industrial process applications... dosing pumps >>

Grease Traps


Grease Traps

Accepta’s high performance stainless steel grease traps are robust, reliable and work to significantly improve the performance of domestic, commercial and industrial drainage systems by minimising the problems caused by the unwanted accumulation of waste solids, fats, oil and grease.

Each Accepta grease trap is carefully engineered from premium quality stainless steel and incorporates an innovative stainless steel mesh system that acts to effectively filter out solid organic waste matter before it enters the drainage system, minimising its impact on drains, pipes, interceptors and wastewater discharge quality.

Accepta’s grease traps are available in a range of sizes from domestic to large commercial, and can be either installed free standing or wall mounted to suit both new designs and existing installations.

Once Accepta's grease traps are installed they are designed to be low maintenance, giving years of reliable performance with minimum attention... grease traps >>

pH & Redox / ORP Control


pH & Redox Controllers

pH and Oxygen Reduction Potential (Redox or ORP) are important parameters that are required to be measured and carefully  controlled in a wide range of commercial, industrial and process applications.

pH is the measurement of hydrogen ion concentration in an aqueous liquid. It is this measurement that determines whether a liquid is neutral, acid or alkali (base). pH is usually measured with a glass or Antimony combination electrode which produces a millivolt potential proportional to the pH of the liquid.

Oxygen Reduction Potential, often abbreviated to either Redox or OR is a measurement of oxidation or reduction of a solution, measured with a similar electrode to pH but with a platinum or gold sensor.

Accepta’s high performance pH and Redox/ORP control instruments are suitable for use in a wide range of commercial, industrial and process applications. Our products include Redox controllers, transmitters, and inline and submersion electrodes... ph and redox / orp control >>

Residual Chlorine / Free Chlorine Monitors


Chlorine Monitors

Residual chlorine or free chlorine is an important control parameter and is a measure of the amount of available chlorine remaining in a water system after the chlorine demand has been satisfied.

Residual chlorine or free chlorine is a key parameter and needs to be accurately monitored and controlled in many applications including potable water from water treatment plant installations, swimming pool waters, procedures involving chlorine based sterilisation of water, borehole waters used for potable purpose; and a range of industrial process applications where chlorine is used.

Accepta offer a range of high quality residual chlorine / free chlorine monitors and control instruments including residual chlorine controllers, potentiostatic cells, open amperometric cells and closed amperometric sensors... residual-free chlorine monitors >>

Temperature Control


Temperature Controllers

Temperature control is an important factor in many industrial, manufacturing and commercial processes. It is often a critical performance criteria making it vital that it is accurately monitored and controlled to meet pre-determined specifications.

Accepta’s range of high performance temperature transmitters, temperature controllers and sensors allow the temperature of liquids and solutions to be accurately measured and controlled in a simple, cost effective way.

Accepta's temperature transmitters and controllers can be used as part of an integrated process control programme combining effectively with our temperature sensors, pH and Redox / ORP control instruments... temperature control >>

Turbidity & Suspended Solids Measurement


Turbidity & Suspended Solids Measurement

Turbidity is the measurement of suspended solids or un-dissolved particulates present in a liquid. It is a measurement of the clarity of a solution and not its colour, for example, water with a cloudy appearance will have a higher turbidity than a clear, particulate free soft drinks beverage.

Turbidity is an important parameter that needs to be accurately measured in many water and wastewater processes including the analysis of potable waters from water treatment plants, swimming pool waters, and the discharge from industrial effluent treatment plants where it is used to verify that the settlement process is effective

Accepta’s range of high performance turbidity and suspended solids monitoring equipment includes turbidity meters, transmitters and controllers.

Accepta's turbidity meters measure in Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU’s). The measurement principal employed in our meters is based on how light is scattered or reflected by the sample particulates... turbidity and suspended solids >>

Water Meters


Water Meters

Accepta’s range of precision engineered water meters are available in either high quality brass or coated cast iron and are ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial process applications requiring the accurate measurement of water volumes.

All Accepta's contacting head water meters and are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are suitable for applications where water volumes need to be reliably and accurately measured.

Typical water metering applications include evaporative cooling tower make-up supplies, water softener volumes, plus a wide range of industrial processes... water meters >>