Lakos Separator – Carbon Steel

See specifications in the description below.

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Lakos Separators

The Lakos separator is installed in the full circuit or, more commonly, on a side-stream of the system pipework. Water flows through the Lakos separator and the cyclone or centrifugal action of the hydrocyclone causes the heavier-than-water particles to be thrown to the dirt bowl of the unit, from where they are purged.

Item Order Code Flow Rate m3/hour Inlet/Outlet Diameter  Weight Kg 
Carbon Steel Units (Basic without optional extras)
1L-0050-B Lakos Separator LAK0050B 1.0 – 2.5 1/2″ 6
1L-0075-B Lakos Separator LAK0075B 2.5 – 4.5 3/4″ 7
1L-0100-B Lakos Separator LAK0100B 4.5 – 7.5 1″ 12
1L-0125-B Lakos Separator LAK0125B 6.5 – 11 1 1/4″ 12
1L-0150-B Lakos Separator LAK0150B 10 – 16 1 1/2″ 12
1L-0200-B Lakos Separator LAK0200B 15 – 23.5 2″ 23
1L-0250-B Lakos Separator LAK0250B 21.5 – 32 2 1/2″ 25
1L-0300-B Lakos Separator LAK0300B 29.5 – 48 3″ 70

Additional Extras

3/4″ manual dump valve
3/4″ Solenoid dump valve
Dumping timer (pulse/pause)

Technical Support

If you require additional information or specialist technical support concerning our chlorine dioxide generators please contact Accepta’s technical support team.

Lakos ILB Specification Sheet

Guidance on Lakos specification and maintenance can be found on the spec sheet PDF here.

Lakos ILB Installation Guide

For full details concerning installation of your Lakos ILB separator please download this PDF guide.

Additional information


1L-0050-B Lakos Separator, 1L-0075-B Lakos Separator, 1L-0100-B Lakos Separator, 1L-0125-B Lakos Separator, 1L-0150-B Lakos Separator, 1L-0200-B Lakos Separator, 1L-0250-B Lakos Separator, 1L-0300-B Lakos Separator, 3/4″ manual dump valve, 3/4″ Solenoid dump valve, Dumping timer (pulse/pause)