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Dropper Reagent Test Kits

£54.00£340.00 ex. VAT

Each self contained kit is housed in its own rugged carry case and comes complete with all necessary equipment such as waterproof instructions, reagents, syringe and test bottle or test cell.

Product image is for illustrative purposes as each parameter kit can contain a different number of reagents in dropper or tablet form.

The following list of reagents are for use in various water testing applications including Potable, Process, Industrial Boilers & Cooling Systems, Swimming Pool and Waste Water treatment.

The lead time for this product is 3 – 7 working days

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Yes No Hardness Tablets for Water Softeners

£25.00£41.00 ex. VAT

Accepta recommend testing a boiler down to 5ppm of hardness and a water softener down to 1ppm of hardness.

For simplicity you can order the 200ml cylinder as a set with the tablets in the option below.