Yes No Hardness Tablets for Water Softeners

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Accepta recommend testing a boiler down to 5ppm of hardness and a water softener down to 1ppm of hardness.

For simplicity you can order the 200ml cylinder as a set with the tablets in the option below.



Yes/No Hardness Tablets (aka Stop Go)

(250 per tub)

The tablets work with a traffic light, green means soft and red means hard, to find out how soft the water is the sample should be diluted until the water turns red or you reach the dilution level which confirms the water is as soft as required.

The provided 10ml vial can measure hardness down to 20ppm.

For water softeners we recommend testing down to 1ppm which can be done with a sample of 200ml of water.

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Yes No Tablets, Yes No Tablets & 200ml Cylinder