Accepta’s advanced polymer products include polymer blocks, and dry/powder and emulsion/liquid polymers.

Polymer Water Treatments

Accepta’s extensive range of advanced technology polymers and polymeric treatment chemicals offer superior performance and have been developed for use in a wide range of demanding commercial, industrial and municipal applications involving the treatment of process waters, wastewater and effluent treatment.

Accepta polymers (PAM) have been developed to suit a wide variety of wastewater treatment and effluent treatment applications and includes structured polymers, co-polymers; and low, medium, high and very high molecular weight cationic and anionic polymers in both liquid/emulsion and dry/powder forms.

Polyelectrolytes (most often referred to as Polymers) are long chain molecules that can produce highly charge ions when dissolved in water. Anionic Polymers produce a negative charge ion where as Cationic Polymers produce a positive charge ions when dissolved in water.

Most particulate matter/non-settling matter in surface water carry a negative charge, the addition of a positively charged coagulant such as Alum will neutralise the particles allowing them to floc together. The secondary process would be to add a Polymer (typically Cationic) to help keep the floc together by bridging the microfloc to form macrofloc & allow for sedimentation. Dosage rate for the polymer would be significantly lower than the metal salts added initially.

Dry Polymers

Accepta's advanced technology dry polymers offer superior performance in a dry powder form. Also supplying super absorbent polymer granules.

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