Multi-Functional Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor Anti-Foulant – 6102

Available in Bottle, Disk or Stick form

  • Accepta 6102: 4 x 5kg Bottles
  • Accepta 6102D: 8 x 2.25kg Disks
  • Accepta 6102S: 30 x 350g Sticks contained in water-soluble bags

Suitable for use with the Accepta Ultra Dissolver Boards

Description Below


Accepta 6102 Solid-Concentrate is a proprietary water treatment for CORROSIVE conditions that utilizes the very latest anti-scaling, anti-fouling, and corrosion inhibition technology. The product’s approach to inhibit ferrous metal corrosion utilizes both cathodic and anodic protection, and copper corrosion inhibitors. Accepta 6102 also contains PTSA, a phosphorescent dye, blended into the product. This will allow tracking and monitoring online using system probes and controllers. Contains PBTC phosphonate, HEDP phosphonate, Versaflex One, Ter-polymer, HPA, POCA, triazole.


Accepta 6102 can be used in tower water systems utilizing the below-listed feed dosages and feed-rates (supported by ongoing field data). More or less may be needed, based on the stability index of particular water. When this product is typically dosed at 25 ppm, 100 ppb of active PTSA will be present.

Ryzner Stability IndexLangelier Saturation IndexChemical Level in Recirculating WaterOrgano-PhosphonateMonitored PTSA
6.0 - 6.50.0 - -0.2010 - 25 ppm2.0 - 4.0 ppm60 - 100 ppb
6.5 - 7.5-0.20 - -0.7525 - 40 ppm4.0 - 6.5 ppm100 - 160 ppb
7.5 - 8.5-0.75 - -1.5040 - 50 ppm6.5 - 8.0 ppm160+ ppb

4ppb PTSA = 1 ppm Accepta 6102
* @ 20 ppm, 1 case of this product is equivalent to 220kg of a conventional liquid product. Liquid equivalent comparative values will vary, dependent upon concentration.

Testing and Control

PTSA handheld or organophosphonate/polymer test kit.


Use with Accepta SolvUltima & Solv-All dissolvers.


Available in:

  • 5kg containers – 1 case of 4 @ 20kg/case
  • Discs – 1 case of 8 @ 18kg/case
  • Sticks – 1 case of 30 @ 11kg/case

Product Dissolving Data

See graph at right.
Maximum Solubility @ 80o F: 5.3%


Appearance:                Solid – Tan to Brown

Odour:                         Slight

pH:                               7-8



Accepta 6102 should be stored in its original container away from direct sunlight and in a cool dry area. Properly stored, the product will remain effective for 24 – 36 months. Consult Safety Data Sheet for further information.


Feed Accepta 6102 using an Accepta board system.

Available in three types:

  • Gravity Fed – No pump needed, requires controller relay or timer
  • Electronic Level Control – Pump needed
  • Mechanical – Pump needed

It is always advisable to carry out a ‘Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health’ (COSHH) assessment before use.

For further technical assistance concerning Accepta 6102 please contact Accepta.

Safety, Storage & Handling

For full details concerning safety precautions, storage and handling procedures for this product please refer to the latest Safety Data Sheet. To request the latest MSDS for this product please fill out the form below.

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