Multi-Use Engineers Test Kit with Dropper Sets & Comparators

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Test Kit comes with Dropper titration and comparator sets.

Compete with combined pH, TDS and Conductivity meter and additional refractometer.

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Multi-Use Engineers Test Kit

Accepta’s high performance, multi-use engineering test kit has been specially developed for engineers, water treatment professionals; and building services and facilities management specialists involved in the maintenance and management of boilers, cooling and closed water systems.

Accepta’s professional multi-parameter water quality analysis testing kit will allow engineers and water treatment professionals to perform quick and accurate in-field testing and analysis procedures for an extensive range of important water system parameters including conductivity, TDS, pH, alkalinity, bromine, chlorine, hardness, iron, molybdate and more.

Water systems require careful test monitoring to ensure the correct risk management regimes and water treatment programmes are maintained at all times.

Failure to maintain the correct water system conditions can lead to serious problems, including reduced system efficiency, the build-up of scale, potentially damaging corrosive water conditions, and increased microbiological activity, which may result in the proliferation of Legionella bacteria and the increased risks associated with Legionnaires’ disease.

Accepta’s comprehensive “multi-use” test kit has been developed as a complete kit, specifically for engineers and water treatment professionals involved with the maintenance and management of boiler systems, cooling water and closed systems.

Key Benefits

  • Single multi-use kit for boilers, cooling and closed water systems
  • Ideal for water treatment engineers
  • Compact and portable design

Key Parameters Included

Accepta’s comprehensive engineers kit will test for the following parameters:

Parameter    Range
Conductivity/TDS 0-19,999µS
pH 0.00 – 14.00
Alkalinity P 0 – 2400ppm
Alkalinity M 0 – 2400ppm
Alkalinity OH 0 – 2400ppm
Bromine 0 – 5ppm
Chlorine 0 – 4ppm
Chloride 0 – 3000ppm
Hardness Total 0 – 1200ppm
Hardness Calcium 0 – 1200ppm
Hardness Stop/Go 0 – 4ppm
Iron 0 – 1ppm & 0 – 10ppm
Molybdate 0 – 100ppm
Nitrite 0 – 2000ppm
Phosphate 0 – 80ppm
Phosphonate 0 – 20ppm
Sulphite 0 – 150ppm
Tannin 0 – 300ppm

Note: Range is dependent on measuring instrument used.

Accepta’s comprehensive combined test kit is presented in its own robust carry-case and includes all the equipment and reagents necessary to perform between 100 and 200 tests required to effectively test and monitor boiler, cooling and closed system waters to ensure optimum operating conditions are achieved and maintained.

Industrial Water Treatment

Water systems require regular and careful monitoring to ensure the correct water conditions are maintained.

Chemicals are dosed to ensure the integrity and performance of the system.

A treatment programme should be specified according to the system and then be maintained in accordance with it.

The correct dosing of these treatment chemicals is critical to the success of a treatment program and the long life of the plant.

Any failure to maintain the correct levels and dosing of the chemical treatments can lead to:

  • Corrosion of the system (leaks)
  • Formation of scale (blocked pipes)
  • Increased biological activity

These can lead to unstable water conditions with potentially negative consequences to the life of the plant and operating costs.

Multi-Use Test Kit Contents

Contents Range Displayed As
Large Peli Plastic Case complete with foams
Refractometer (PEG & MEG) 0 to 60 %
2 x 20 ml Leur Lock Syringe
10 ml Leur Lock Syringe
5 ml Standard Syringe
1 ml Standard Syringe
Syringe Filter Holder – Luer Lock ø 25 mm
GF/C Filter Papers ø 25 mm
Filter Papers ø 25 mm 0.45 µm (50 pk)
125 ml Plastic Test Bottle
5 ml Standard Syringe
LED Torch
4 x 65 ml Plastic Test Bottle
CHECKIT® Comparator
Tablet Crusher
Cell Cleaning Brush
White Testing Board
LED Torch
5/10ml Tube c/w Screw Top
2 x 250 ml Plastic Wide Neck Bottle
250 ml Washer Bottle
250 ml Plastic Beaker
Combined pH/Conductivity/TDS & Temp Meter
Alkalinity P (Titration)
0 to 2000
mg/l CaCO3
Phenolphthalein (65 ml)
Alkalinity Titrant (65 ml)
Alkalinity M (Titration) 0 to 2000 mg/l CaCO3
TA4 (65 ml) (also uses Alkalinity Titrant)
Alkalinity OH (Titration) 0 to 2000 mg/l CaCO3
PA3 (65 ml) (also uses Alkalinity Titrant & Phenolphthalein)
Bromine (Comparator) 0 to 5 mg/l Br2
CHECKIT® Bromine Comparator Disc
DPD 1 Solution A (30 ml)
DPD 1 Solution B (30 ml)
DPD Nitrite Powder (20 g)
Chloride (Titration) 0 to 2000 mg/l Cl
BC1/CC1 (65 ml)
Chloride Titrant (65 ml)
Chlorine (Comparator) 0 to 4 mg/l Cl2
CHECKIT® Chlorine LR Comparator Disc
DPD No 3 Solution C (30 ml) (also uses DPD 1 A & B)
Hardness Total, (Titration) 0 to 2000 mg/l CaCO3
TH2 (65 ml)
TH5 (65 ml)
Hardness HR Titrant (65 ml)
Hardness Calcium, (Titration) 0 to 2000 mg/l CaCO3
CH2 (65 ml)
CH1P (20 g) (also requires TH3 & H/TH4/CH3)
Hardness Stop/Go (Drop Test) Hard/Soft
Hardness Stop/Go Solution (65 ml)
Iron LR (Comparator) 0.05 to 1 mg/l Fe
CHECKIT® Iron LR Comparator Disc
FE5 (65 ml)
Sulphuric Acid 50% (65 ml)
Iron HR (Comparator) 0.5 to 10 mg/l Fe
CHECKIT® Iron HR Comparator Disc
FE10 (65 ml) (also requires Sulphuric Acid 50%)
Molybdate VHR (Comparator) 0 to 500 mg/l MoO4
Molybdate HR (65 ml)
Nitrite (Titration) 10 to 2000
N1 (65 ml)
Nitrite Titrant (65 ml)
Sulphuric Acid 50% (65 ml)
Phosphate HR (Comparator) 0 to 800 mg/l PO4
CHECKIT® Phosphate HR Comparator Disc 0 to 800 mg/l PO4
PB1 (65 ml)
PB2 (65 ml)
Phosphonate (Titration) 0 to 20 mg/l
P1/2 (65 ml)
P3 (65 ml)
P4L (65 ml)
Phosphonate Titrant (65 ml)
Sulphite (Titration) 0 to 2000 Na2SO3
S1 (40 g)
Sulphite Titrant (65 ml)
Tannin (Drop Test) 10 to 300
TN1 (40 g)
TN2 (65 ml)
Calibration Solutions for Combined pH, Cond’y & TDS Meter
Standard Conductivity 1413 µs (65 ml)
pH 4 (65 ml)
pH 7 (65 ml)
pH 10 (65 ml)
20% Acetic Acid (65 ml)

Technical Support

If you require additional information or specialist technical support concerning our professional multi-parameter engineers test kits please contact Accepta’s technical support team.

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