Palintest Chlorosense Sensor Packs 100 & 500

Palintest have stopped manufacturing test strips for the Chlorosense unit

The Chlorosense unit has been phased out and replaced by the Palintest Kemio unit.


Palintest Chlorosense sensor Packs

To be used with Palintest Chlorosense instrument also available in our shop

Packs come quantities of 100 or 500 individual sensor strips, these sensors are one use.

The sensors can be used to measure from 0 – 10 mg/L free chlorine, 0 – 100 mg/L total chlorine (mg/L can also be expressed as ppm)

This listing does not include the Instrument. Click here for the Palintest Chlorosense Instrument.

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100 Sensor Strips, 500 Sensor Strips, Glycene Reagent