Palintest Chlordioxense – Chlorine Dioxide Analyser

The Chlordioxense unit has been discontinued by Palintest.

Sensors can still be bought here.

The replacement Kemio sensor unit can be found here, Kemio can test for Chorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and Peracetic Acid.


Palintest Chlordioxense – chlorine dioxide analyser

Chlorine Dioxide Analyser with Sensor Technology

The Palintest Chlordioxense leads the way in accurate field measurement of chlorine dioxide levels in water samples.  Using innovative disposable sensor technology, the Chlordioxense provides the most accurate and precise portable test method for chlorine dioxide measurement that we have tried.  Simple to use, and immune to many of the common interferences that other available field testing methods fall victim to, the Chlordioxense by Palintest is perfect for any application where accurate measurement of chlorine dioxide levels in water is required.

As a company that specialises in chlorine dioxide treatments and technology ourselves, we recognise the importance of accuracy in chlorine dioxide testing.  After road-testing the Chlordioxense unit both in the field and our in-house laboratories, we have been impressed not just with the level of accuracy it offers, but with the ease of use and relative speed at which a reliable result can be obtained.


– Chlordioxense instrument

– 100 Sensors (one use)

– Soft Carry Case

– Interference suppressant

– Cleaning Sticks

– Instructions

This test kit can be used to measure the chlorine dioxide levels from 0.02 – 50mg/l

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Weight 3 kg