Water Corrosivity Analysis & Langelier

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Analysis kits comes with everything you need to take a sample, return freepost and includes the report emailed upon completion.

We request that customers take the water temperature at the sample point and provide this with their return.

For a wider water screen for toxicity or hygiene reasons you may want to add potable metals and microbial potability.


Water Corrosivity Analysis

This analysis is designed to identify the corrosive nature of the water with the inclusion of a Langelier Saturation Index.

The Analysis includes:

  • pH
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Total Alkalinity
  • TDS
  • Conductivity

In addition to this we request the person taking the sample measure the water temperature at the sample point and provide this measurement when sending the sample back to our lab. Knowing the temperature will assist our technical team when writing up their report and give you a more accurate interpretation.


Sample point should be flushed prior to taking sample to ensure fresh system water is taken.

Sample pack contains:

  • 1x 1l sample bottle
  • 1x return jiffy bag and pre-paid return label
  • 1x Analysis sticker to be filled in

Analysis can take up to 7 days from receipt of sample. If results are needed urgently then please contact us.

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