CXA Duplex Water Softener Water Meter Control

Available in 4 valve sizes with time-clock and water-meter control options. The CXA range can be configured to your needs using single or multi-streams as required to meet your flow and service requirements.

A manifold can be designed and built to specification.


ModelRecommended Max flow rate (l/hr)Salt used / regen (kg)Capacity between
As grams of CaCO3
Capacity between
At 200ppm hardness (m3)
Inlet / Outlet (BSP ins.)
Drain /Overflow (BSP ins.)
Length (mm)Depth (mm)Height required (mm)
(includes 500mm head clearance)
CXA 100 SF4,000156,50032.51"3/4"1,4001,0002,350
CXA 125 SF4,50018.88,12540.61"3/4"1,6001,1002,350
CXA 200 SF5,0002412,000601"3/4"1,7001,1002,350
CXA 125 HF8,00018.88,12540.61 1/2"3/4"1,6001,1002,350
CXA 200 HF9,0002412,000601 1/2"3/4"1,7001,1002,350
CXA 300 HF15,0003618,000902"3/4"1,9001,2002,650
CXA 500 HF20,0006030,0001502"3/4"2,2001,4002,650
CXA 750 HF22,0009045,0002252"3/4"2,2001,6002,650
CXA 750 SHF35,0009045,0002253"1"2,4001,6002,650
CXA 1000 SHF40,00012060,0003003"1"2,6001,8003,000
CXA 1250 SHF50,00015075,0003753"1"2,7001,8003,000


Minimum Water Pressure

1.8 bar  (26 psi)

Maximum Water Pressure

8 bar (116 psi)

Maximum Water Temperature


Electrical Requirements

240V, 50Hz, single phase, fused 3A

Pressure Drop

The pressure drop through a unit will vary depending on the flow rate and will be approx. 1.5 bar at the maximum flow shown.

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    Weight 50 kg

    1L-0050-S Lakos Separator, 1L-0075-S Lakos Separator, 1L-0100-S Lakos Separator, 1L-0125-S Lakos Separator, 1L-0150-S Lakos Separator, 1L-0200-S Lakos Separator, 1L-0250-S Lakos Separator, 3/4" manual dump valve, 3/4" Solenoid dump valve, Dumping timer (pulse / pause)