Chemical Dosing Tanks


Orders for tanks are sent on a pallet, 50l and 100l tanks can fit 2 to a pallet at no additional cost.

Shipping is charged per item due to this so you can order these sizes in quantities of 2 if required for the same shipping cost as an order for 1.


Accepta’s range of high performance chemical dosing tanks are manufactured using high-quality blow moulded MDPE for improved durability and stability.

All Accepta’s dosing tanks incorporate a raised section to allow the easy installation of a chemical dosing pump to the upper part of the tank.

All Accepta’s tanks also incorporate a screw fitting lid to the lower section of the tank.

Accepta’s chemical dosing tanks are available in either a natural finish or black colour, with vertical volume graduations (litres) included to the tank side.

Dosing Tank Sizes

Product Volume Diameter Height
Accepta DT 50 50 litre 425 mm 500 mm
Accepta DT 100 100 Litre 497 mm 698 mm
Accepta DT 200 200 Litre 635 mm 782 mm
Accepta DT 300 300 Litre 660 mm 1074 mm
Accepta DT 500 500 Litre 815 mm 1100 mm
Accepta DT 1000 1000 Litre 1062 mm 1350 mm

Technical Support

If you require additional information or specialist technical support concerning our chemical dosage tanks please contact Accepta’s technical support team.

Additional information

Weight 500 kg

50L Dosing Tank, 50L Dosing Tank x 2, 100L Dosing Tank, 100L Dosing Tank x 2, 200L Dosing Tanks