Aquapure Deioniser – Disposable Resin Demineraliser

Accepta’s Aquapure Deminiralier comes in two sizes with 25Kg and 50Kg resin capacities.

Each comes with an initial charge of resin in the price.

Replacement resin can be ordered here.


Aquapure—Disposable Resin Demineraliser

The Aquapure is an inexpensive means of providing deionised/demineralised water on tap. The system is simply connected to the mains water supply and the water passing through it is demineralised by the mixed bed ion exchange resin. When the resin is exhausted, which is indicated by a rise in conductivity the vessel is simply emptied and the resin replaced.

Aquapure 400  replacement resin is available in 25 litre kegs.

Technical Data

Model 725

Model 750

Approx. vessel dimensions (mm)



Connection size (B.S.P.)



Resin content (litres)



Typical capacity @ 100ppm T.D.S. (litres)*



Approx. maximum flow rate (litres/hour)



Approx. wet weight (Kg)




* Will vary depending on input water character and exhaustion endpoint.


The Aquapure units are supplied prefilled with Aquapure 400 resin and need simply to be connected to the water supply by means of suitable hose connectors (take care to plumb the unit in with the water flow in the direction shown on the top of the unit). Where a battery operated exhaustion indicator is used the flow cell should be screwed into the outlet from the Aquapure ensuring that it is oriented so the probe is NOT directly at the top (since this may allow air bubbles to be trapped resulting in a false reading).

Exhaustion Indication

There are 2 available means of detecting exhaustion of the resin:

a) Conductivity monitor (exhaustion is indicated by the conductivity exceeding the chosen limit).

b) Battery-operated Exhaustion Indicator preset to show exhaustion at 30μs/ cm. The unit has two indicator lights (red and green) and in normal usage with good quality water flowing the green light flashes every few seconds. As the unit starts to become exhausted both the red and green lights flash and total exhaustion is indicated by just the red light flashing. The unit is powered by 4 AA cell batteries which should be changed every 12 months.

Changing the Resin

Once exhausted, any conductivity cells fitted should be unplugged and the top of the Aquapure unit unscrewed. The exhausted resin can then be removed by inverting the unit and swilling the resin out with the help of a hose. The spent resin should be disposed of in the normal manner for non-hazardous solid waste.

To refill the unit:

i) Position the riser tube centrally in the vessel and cover the top end of it with a plastic bag, or similar, to prevent resin going down inside it.

ii) Carefully refill the vessel around the riser tube ensuring it remains central.


Technical Support

If you require additional information or specialist technical support concerning our chlorine dioxide generators please contact Accepta’s technical support team.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg

1L-0050-S Lakos Separator, 1L-0075-S Lakos Separator, 1L-0100-S Lakos Separator, 1L-0125-S Lakos Separator, 1L-0150-S Lakos Separator, 1L-0200-S Lakos Separator, 1L-0250-S Lakos Separator, 3/4" manual dump valve, 3/4" Solenoid dump valve, Dumping timer (pulse / pause)