Chemical Dosing Pots

Ideal for a range of dosing applications in closed heating and pressurised systems.

Chemical Dosing Pots

Accepta’s range of high quality chemical dosing pots are manufactured to the highest quality standards and fabricated using seam welded tubes.

Chemical dosing pots are ideal ways to dose chemical into a pressurised closed water heating system, inhibitor chemicals are normally dosed as a percentage of system volume so it is important to keep this data on hand when calculating recommended chemical reserve.

Chemical Dosing Pots

Dosing pots are required in order to feed liquid chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors into closed systems.

The dosing pot consists of a stainless steel vessel with inlet (return) and outlet (flow) valves, a drain valve and a filling valve.

A stainless steel tundish, air release and non-return valve.

3.5L Dosing Pot operates at 14 bar

6L Dosing Pot operates at 14 bar

13.5L Dosing Pot operates at 10 bar

Additional sizes up to 25L are available on request.

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