Accepta 2978 is a “next generation” stabilised bromine biocide formulated using a new, advanced stabiliser to create a super concentrated, activated bromine liquid that gives excellent, long-lasting results against problematic biofilm, algae and a wide range of bacteria including Legionella.

Accepta 2978 is formulated using an advanced patented compound that works to stabilise the activated bromine in solution without interfering with its biocidal properties. This significantly increases the active component available in solution (by up to 68%), reduces product application rates and improves monitoring and system control for a more effective, cost efficient water treatment solution.

Application Areas for Stabilised Bromine

Accepta 2978 is a powerful, single-feed stabilised bromine biocide in liquid form developed for use in industrial and commercial re-circulating cooling water systems, but is also ideal for a range of other applications including:

  • Industrial and commercial re-circulating cooling water systems with longer half-life.
  • Air washers.
  • Water features and fountains.
  • Food and beverage pasteurisers.
  • Paper processing.
  • Oil recovery systems including fracking.

Product Benefits

  • Enhanced performance. Improved product stability delivers significant increases in the availability of active biocidal component (up to 68%).
  • Cost effective. Reduced product application rates.
  • Powerful. Long-lasting results against biofilm, algae and bacteria including legionella.
  • Improved control. Optimise product dosing and control using ORP to save money and improve system protection.
  • Easy to use. Single feed, pre-activated solution for easy application.
  • Effective at elevated pH >9.

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