Scale Inhibitor & Suspended Solids Treatment for Steam Boilers 2016

This product has been replaced by Accepta 2112


Accepta 2016 is an excellent combined phosphate and polymer treatment for steam boiler systems up to 560 psig. Used as a scale inhibitor and suspended solids control agent it is ideal for use with softened and low hardness waters.

Accepta 2016 is a boiler feedwater treatment for scale control, achieved through a combination of a phosphate residual programme using specialist polymer technology. It can be used as a phosphate treatment at low temperatures for low harness, softened and/or de-alkalized feedwaters in boilers operating at pressures up to 40 barg.

The phosphate reacts with the hardness whilst the polymer provides transport of the Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphate and Silica through the boiler, preventing scales adhering to the metal.

Product Benefits

  • The complex phosphate reacts with calcium and magnesium, while the organic polymer provides transport of the calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphate and silica through the boiler.
  • The formation of adherent deposits is prevented, thus increasing the steam production runs and reducing the danger of tube overheating.

Product Properties

Physical state: Liquid
Appearance: Clear Yellow
Odour: None
Flash point: Not applicable
Sg: 1.09 (20.0 °C)
Solubility in water: Complete
pH (100.0 %): 13.6
Viscosity: 1.4 cst (20.0 °C)
Pour point: -8.3 °C

*Full details of the product properties are available in the Safety Data Sheet. See below.

Application & Dosage Information

In low pressure steam boilers (below 20 barg) dose Accepta 2016 to generate 30 – 70ppm PO4 within the boiler water.

20 – 40 barg use 20 – 40ppm PO4 in the boiler.

40 – 60 barg use 15 – 20 ppm PO4.

Above 60 barg 10ppm.

For best results dose Accepta 2016 continuously proportional to the feedwater use.

It is always advisable to carry out a ‘Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health’ (COSHH) assessment before use.

Safety, Storage & Handling

For full details concerning safety precautions, storage and handling procedures for this product please refer to the latest Safety Data Sheet. To request the latest MSDS for this product please fill out the form below.

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