Accepta 2827 – Broad Spectrum Micro-Biocide for Industrial Cooling Water Systems

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Product Description & Dosage Information Below

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Product can be used as a replacement for Accepta 2624, 2893, 2327


Accepta 2827 is a high-performance broad spectrum, non-foaming, readily biodegradable micro-biocide scientifically formulated for the treatment of a wide range of water systems.

Accepta 2827 is based on a formulation of isothiazolinone derivatives and is completely soluble in water.

At relatively low concentrations Accepta 2827 is effective against a range of micro-organisms including many gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi and algae.

It provides cost effective microbial control for industrial cooling systems and chilled water, LTHW and other closed circuit water systems which are prone to development of troublesome bacteria such as pseudomonas. It can also be used as a preservative to prevent microbial growth in RO and other membrane filtration systems during periods when they are off-line.

Product Benefits

  • High-performance non-foaming isothiazolinone based micro-biocide for a wide range of water systems.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Broad spectrum micro-biocide effective at low concentrations.
  • Effective over a wide pH range.

Product Properties

Appearance: Pale green coloured liquid
Density: 1.02
Odour: Odourless
pH: 3 – 5

*Full details of the product properties are available in the Safety Data Sheet. See below.

Application & Dosage Information

Accepta 2827 should be dosed periodically at a rate of 100 – 200ppm of the total system volume.

In a badly fouled system, an initial shock dose of up to 500ppm may be required.

Accepta 2827 is effective over a wide range of pH and can be used in isolation or alternately with other non-oxidising or oxidizing biocides.

How to use it

For chilled water and LTHW systems:

In order to control potentially problematic microbial contamination it is recommended for chilled water and LTHW applications that the system is dosed initially with Accepta 2827 at the rate of 200 – 500ml / 1000 litres of system volume and that is repeated once every 3 months. The microbial activity (TVC) in the system can be monitored using microbial dipslides. Good control is indicated by a general bacteria level (TVC) of no more than 103 cfu/ml. If pseudomonas or other specific testing is required then contact our laboratory and we will be pleased to help you.

For open evaporative cooling systems:

In order to prevent the development of resistant microbial strains Accepta 2827 should normally be used in conjunction with another biocide such as Accepta 2301 and the two biocides should be dosed alternately. A typical dosing regime would be to dose the system with 200ml of Accepta 2827 / 1000 litres of system volume as a shot dose and then dose the system with a shot dose of the second biocide at the next scheduled dosage before reverting to Accepta 2827 for the third dosage etc. The required frequency of biocide dosage will depend on the retention time of the cooling system and tendency of the system to become contaminated with nutrients that will encourage microbial growth. A typical biocide dosing frequency for systems with a long retention time would be once / week but for systems which change their water more frequently and have a short retention time then the  frequency of dosages will need to be increased (typically twice per week).

The general microbial activity (TVC) in the system can be monitored using microbial dipslidesGood control is indicated by a general bacteria level (TVC) of less than 104 cfu/ml. It is recommended that a dipslide test is taken weekly and the system is tested specifically for legionella bacteria at least once per quarter (contact our laboratory).

It is always advisable to carry out a ‘Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health’ (COSHH) assessment before use.

Safety, Storage & Handling

For full details concerning safety precautions, storage and handling procedures for this product please refer to the latest Safety Data Sheet. To request the latest MSDS for this product please fill out the form below.

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