L8 Legionella Thermometer Duel Probe Kit




L8 Legionella Thermometer Kit

The Accepta L8 Legionella monitoring kit includes a thermometer with duel probes for tap temperature monitoring and a surface probe for measuring surface temperature.

Tap Temperature Monitoring – Liquid Probe

HSE guidance recommends periodic tap temperature monitoring of outlets for both hot and cold water.

Using the liquid probe monitoring hot water should reach 50C or above within 1 minute.

Monitoring cold water outlets should reach 20C or below within 2 minutes.

Cold Water Storage Tanks should also be maintained at 20C or below

Surface Temerature Monitoring – Surface Probe

HSE guidance on water leaving the Calorifier recommends a temperature of 60C and returning at 50C, this is typically measured using a surface probe from the outside of the pipework.

Appendix 3 – temperature regime

Table 1- Table of temperature control checks for control of legionella

Indicates the frequency that the temperatures of the hot and cold water system need to be monitored.

Frequency Check Cold water Hot water Notes
Monthly Sentinel taps The water temperature should be below 20°C after running the water for up to 2 minutes The water temperature should be at least 50°C within one minute of running the water. This check makes sure that the supply and return temperatures on each loop are unchanged i.e. the loop is functioning as required
If fitted to sentinel outlets, input to TMVs The water supply to the TMV temperature should be at least 50°C within one minute of running the water One way of measuring this is to use a surface temperature probe
Water leaving and returning to calorifier Outgoing water should be at least 60°C, return at least 50°C If fitted, the thermometer pocket at the top of the calorifier and on the return leg are useful points for accurate temperature measurement.  If installed, these measurements could be carried out and logged by a building management system
Six monthly Incoming cold water inlet (at least once in the winter and once in the summer) The water should preferably be below 20°C at all times The most convenient place to measure is usually at the ball valve outlet to the cold water storage tank.
Annually Representative number of taps on a rotational basis The water temperature should be 20°C after running the water for two minutes The water temperature should be at least 50°C within one minute of running the water This check makes sure that the whole system is reaching satisfactory temperatures for legionella control

Legionella Laboratory Analysis Available in the UK

Legionella Laboratory Water Testing

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We recommend you use one sample bottle for each sample point. Do not mix samples from more than one tap into the same bottle.

We require a full 250ml sample to be able to perform this test. Refunds will not be offered where minimum sample requirements are not met.

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