Turbidity & Suspended Solids Measurement

Turbidity is the measurement of suspended solids or un-dissolved particulates present in a liquid. It is a measurement of the clarity of a solution and not its colour, for example, water with a cloudy appearance will have a higher turbidity than a clear, particulate free soft drinks beverage.

Turbidity is an important parameter that needs to be accurately measured in many water and wastewater processes including the analysis of potable waters from water treatment plants, swimming pool waters, and the discharge from industrial effluent treatment plants where it is used to verify that the settlement process is effective

Accepta’s range of high performance turbidity and suspended solids monitoring equipment includes turbidity meters, transmitters and controllers.

Accepta's turbidity meters measure in Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU’s). The measurement principal employed in our meters is based on how light is scattered or reflected by the sample particulates... turbidity and suspended solids >>

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