Grease Traps

Accepta’s high performance stainless steel grease traps are robust, reliable and work to significantly improve the performance of domestic, commercial and industrial drainage systems by minimising the problems caused by the unwanted accumulation of waste solids, fats, oil and grease.

Each Accepta grease trap is carefully engineered from premium quality stainless steel and incorporates an innovative stainless steel mesh system that acts to effectively filter out solid organic waste matter before it enters the drainage system, minimising its impact on drains, pipes, interceptors and wastewater discharge quality.

Accepta’s grease traps are available in a range of sizes from domestic to large commercial, and can be either installed free standing or wall mounted to suit both new designs and existing installations.

Once Accepta's grease traps are installed they are designed to be low maintenance, giving years of reliable performance with minimum attention... grease traps >>

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